Ghost Rider Cgc

GHOST RIDER #1 1st Johnny Blaze Solo Title & Daimon Hellstorm 1973 MCU CGC 3.0

GHOST RIDER #1 1st Johnny Blaze Solo Title & Daimon Hellstorm 1973 MCU CGC 3.0
GHOST RIDER #1 1st Johnny Blaze Solo Title & Daimon Hellstorm 1973 MCU CGC 3.0

GHOST RIDER #1 1st Johnny Blaze Solo Title & Daimon Hellstorm 1973 MCU CGC 3.0

Johnny Blaze aka the GHOST RIDER First Solo Title Series begins. First cameo appearance of Daimon Hellstorm, Pre-SON OF SATAN.

Ghost Rider is #90 on IGN's 2014 Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All-Time List. Story continued from Marvel Spotlight #11. Tom Sutton and Syd Shores art. MIDNIGHT SONS MCU Movie in Development; A new supernatural Avengers team has been reported for the MCU! This team will be the Midnight sons team from the comics consisting of character like Blade, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and more.

This team will take on villains like Mephisto and Shuma Gorath in the MCU. BLACKOUT is Expected to be a Major VILLAIN. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Will address darker heroes and darker villains including some demons and monsters that will start a supernatural side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Supernatural Avengers Midnight Sons will start to form as a part of Marvels Phase 4 lineup.

HORROR and SUPERNATURAL Comics by MARVEL. MARVEL responded with a Wave of Excellent HORROR Series, well written with good Characterization, and great artwork. This Title is among the Classic SERIES by Marvel, that were among the Beat Loved and Remembered Series of the Entire Bronze Age of comics. The Demand form 1970's Marvel HORROR Comics, is RISING FAST, because of all the TV and Movie Series attention the Marvel Supernatural Heroes have been getting (especially Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Blade, Mephisto, Shuma Gorath and Brother Voodoo).

MEPHISTO is Johnny Blaze's archenemy. A demon who posed as the devil to claim Johnny Blaze's soul. Mephisto is the one responsible for bringing Ghost Rider into Johnny's life. Ghost Rider, however, is able to resist the evil that overcame him long ago, and is now able to use his powers for good no matter what.

Angered, Mephisto sought revenge against Ghost Rider, and now constantly tries to win his creation back. Mephisto appears under the name Mephistopheles in the 2007 film Ghost Rider.

NICOLAS CAGE Played Johnny Blaze aka the GHOST RIDER in the GHOST RIDER #1(2007) and GHOST RIDER: Spirit of Vengeance #2(2011) MOVIES. In May 2011, Ghost Rider placed #90 on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes List. In May 2013, the film rights to Ghost Rider reverted from Sony Pictures to Marvel Studios, although it was also confirmed that there were no plans to produce another film featuring the character in the immediate future. Gabriel Luna and Tom McComas portray the Robbie Reyes and Johnny Blaze incarnations in the fourth season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) television series Agents of S.

GHOST RIDER Team affiliations includes; Ghost Riders, Thunderbolts, Midnight Sons, New Fantastic Four, Defenders, New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Champions, S. There is Light Scuffing on inside CGC Holder; Often HARD TO SEE unless you are Specifically Looking for it, under a Bright Light, and often only at the Correct Angle; With Multiple Small Fine Light Scratches to the INNER Well of the CGC Holder, due to Poor Quality Control at CGC, just as we received it DIRECT from CGC; This Comic was Recently Graded by CGC around February 2023. The Outer CGC Holder is in Excellent condition.

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  • Publication Year: 1973
  • Series: GHOST RIDER
  • Issue Number: 1
  • Character: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
  • Tradition: US Comics
  • Era: Bronze Age (1970-83)
  • Series Title: Hellstorm
  • Superhero Team: GHOST RIDER
  • Grade: 3.0 Good/Very Good
  • Professional Grader: Certified Guaranty Company (CGC)
  • Features: First Printing
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

GHOST RIDER #1 1st Johnny Blaze Solo Title & Daimon Hellstorm 1973 MCU CGC 3.0